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COTA is turning a little bit greener today as they introduce six new hybrid-electric buses into their fleet. The hybrid buses will feature a distinct design and color scheme that will help them to stand out from the standard vehicles.

“COTA is committed to making environmentally responsible choices that ensure our business practices support healthy, livable communities,” said Bill Lhota, COTA President and CEO. “Sustainable actions taken today will protect the environment for the future.” (more…)


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Hybrid cars save on gas, but they cost more, too
Sunday,  June 22, 2008

George Leonard wanted a Toyota Prius. “I’m trying to save some money on gas,” the Worthington resident said, clearly excited by the prospect of owning a vehicle that, according to Consumer Reports, gets 44 miles per gallon.

“With the gas prices being what they are, we’re looking for ways to save money.” And then there’s the fact that Consumer Reports just rated the gas/electric hybrid the best vehicle in the magazine’s so-called green category — for the fifth year in a row.

For Leonard, there was just one problem: He wasn’t alone in his thinking. “The gas price hit $3.50 a gallon, and it was just people coming in waves,” said Eric Lewis, a salesman at Tansky Sawmill Toyota in Dublin. At some Toyota dealerships in central Ohio, the wait for a Prius can be up to six months.


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